Classes schedule

2nd SEMESTER A.A. 2023-2024

Semester Start: Monday 03/04/24
Semester End: Friday 06/21/24

Suspension of teaching activities for holidays: 

  • From Thursday 03/28/24 to Tuesday 04/02/24 inclusive – Easter holidays
  • Thursday 04/25/24 holiday
  • Friday 04/26/24 University closure
  • Wednesday 05/01/24 holiday

Suspension of teaching activities for graduation ceremonies: 

  • Wednesday 04/10/24
  • Tuesday 06/04/24

Suspension of teaching activities ONLY FROM 2 PM TO 6 PM for institutional meetings (Teaching Councils and Department Councils): 

  • Tuesday 03/19/24
  • Thursday 04/11/24
  • Tuesday 05/14/24
  • Tuesday 06/18/24

Schedule for 1st year CTF
Schedule for 2nd year CTF
Schedule for 3rd year CTF
Schedule for 4th year CTF
Schedule for 5th year CTF

- Schedule for Free Modules: the schedule for free modules can be viewed in the 5th-year schedule and/or on the Kiro pages of individual courses.

For further instructions, please contact the professors directly.

Students are required to periodically check the schedule to ensure they do not miss any changes or updates.


At the following link, you can check the classrooms where the exam sessions will take place: CLASSROOMS FOR EXAMS


Classroom Occupancy (for professors)

At the following link on uplanner
you can find the classroom occupancy calendar available to the Department of Drug Sciences (uplanner) and the general class schedule. When using uplanner, to select the desired classroom, use the filter field.

Note that for classroom reservations, which must be entered in the uplanner calendar, please contact Mr. Stefano Cellè ( or Dr. Marica Zanaboni (


Coordinatori di Semestre
  • I semestre: Prof. Orbelli Biroli Alessio
  • II semestre: Prof.ssa Perin Paola
  • III semestre: Prof.ssa Lanni Cristina
  • IV semestre: Prof. Grisoli Pietro
  • V semestre: Prof.ssa Paolillo Mayra
  • VI semestre: Prof.ssa Conti Bice
  • VII semestre: Prof.ssa Calleri Enrica
  • VIII semestre: Prof.ssa De Lorenzi Ersilia